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TPM​+​labXIV European Tour Comp 2012

by Coredark Records

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I know I know what I am to you Just another item in this disposable world So now Don't say that you're there for me Your actions speak much louder than your words CHORUS And where will you be in the end? Will you be lost without a friend? Without a friend in the world? Your world Is ever revolving And you are in the center like the sun But you're unaware the system is evolving And what remains when everyone has gone? CHORUS Your fate Is in a delicate balance And in the end you can't sustain the lies Where will you go when your god abandons you? What will you do when the well runs dry? CHORUS Will you die without a friend in the world?
A new day for us As we wake up again we're still alive It's your choice to throw it away Now as we wake up again we can change our minds I see you in my heart and I feel loved I love you and you know that's true Had every chance at success we seem to fuck it up too But it's my choice to throw it away now To throw it away you just have to be brave now Follow your heart when things fall apart ...
Don't be afraid It's not what it appears to be This island of pain Remember what you said to me That we are alive And we won't get caught In all of the lies Because we still remember ... Fearless we are Hold out your hand to me With life in our hearts We'll face the insanity It won't bring us down This frightened little world For we are supergods And we'll live forever We are Supergods Wiser we are We know there's another way And we'll never fall We won't throw our lives away We are alive And we won't get caught In all of the lies Because we still remember ... Life in this world A world of absurdities Remember my friend It's not what it appears to be It's not what it appears to be ... don't be afraid ...
I see you in every direction Everywhere I go There once was a time when we were close I wonder how life would have treated us if we had never met It seems that there's always time to forgive Learn to let live and try to forget Could you try and forgive me? Please try With every silent reflection On all those times we agreed There's always a noise that's surrounding me No matter where I go after No matter how blind I see There's always a hint of intrigue With you, there's always a hint of intrigue My heart's desire Sometimes gets what it needs There's no point in adding Insult to injury I hope you get what you want I hope you find what you need Hidden in between the lines There always lies human curiosity With a little hint of intrigue
In a secret place Where it begins and ends We like to think we're safe Among our friends And all the "in crowd" They come here to die To leave behind the sorrow and the lies And she says, "hey turn me on, and all your worldly problems will be gone" You know we're all the same We all come here to hide The existential threat We hold inside And so we wait We long to be seen By the beautiful and frightening machine And she says, "hey turn me on, and all your precious secrets will be gone" For well we know This is the modern world This is our theater of the absurd And now we're here For the last recourse


A selection of favorite songs (chosen by the bands) from the 2012 European tour with The Present Moment and labXIV


released May 9, 2014


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Coredark Records Los Angeles, California

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